Full name and where it comes from:
• Pantalone Di Bisonososi
• Some say it comes from one of the most respected saints, San Panteleone
• Some say it comes from "Piantaleoni", which is merchants who went to places where it was possible to set up new trade
• He's the best known Venetian mask

Characteristics of Pantalone:
• Godfather, father and empolyer who's order are obeyed
• Tall and scrawny
• Bow-legged and a slow walker
• Leans forward when talking to someone and leans back when he hears bad news
• Controls money and is a strong businessman

• Mean unless he is blackmailed, which he turns nice
• Uses head, hand, and feet gestures
• Controls money and is self-obsessed
• Speaks in Venetian dialect
• Talks in a high-pitched voice

Costume of Pantalone:
• Red jacket and red tights
• Black cloak hanging over his shoulders
• Black slippers or Turkish babouches with the ends pointed up
• Woolen cap

Pantalone's Props:
• Gold chain with a medallion
• A dagger
• Moneybag/ coin purse
• Cane
• A hankerchief

Mask of Pantalone:
• Long hooked nose
• Wrinkly and withered looking face
• Big bushy white eyebrows and beard
• Mouth portion is cut off
• Mustache is optional

10 Poses of Pantalone:
• Bent over and needs the support of a cane
• Leans forward with his nose in the air
• One leg's bent
• One hand either behind his back on holding a purse
• Leans back with a pelvic thrust forward
• Nose is targeted at female parts
• Hands are out with shoulders and legs together
• Sits down with his head in his hands
• Cuddles with a woman
• Attacking position with a cane

Different Lazzi:
• Returning coins
• Wooing young woman
• Bent backwards
• Farting